Mai Tai Cocktail Recipe

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How to Make Mai Tai Cocktail Recipe using Rum step by step Guide to prepare Mai Tai Cocktail for parties, invitations & celebrations.

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    Mai Tai Cocktail is one among the well-known alcoholic drinks, containing both dark and light rum, orange Curacao, orgeat syrup, and limejuice. All of these ingredients are easily available in the market. This unique drink was at the peak of popularity during 1950's and 1960's and virtually every restaurant preferred to serve this cocktail. The interesting history behind this cocktail says that it was invented in 1944 at the Trader Vic's restaurant in Oakland, California. However, Don the Beachcomber, one of the competitor of Trader Vic's restaurant, claimed that he was the real inventor of Mai Tai as he prepared this cocktail in 1933 at his then-new bar named for himself. Anyhow, there is huge difference in the Mai Tai recipe of both rivals. The pineapple version of Mai Tai is also very famous because of its unique taste. Go through the ingredients and directions in order to enjoy a homemade Mai Tai. Preparation Time: approximately 5 minutes Serving Size: 01 Equipments Require: cocktail shaker and an old-fashioned glass or any other cocktail glass Ingredients; (1 oz) light rum (1/2 oz) limejuice (1/2 oz) orange curacao (1/2 oz) orgeat syrup (1 oz) dark rum Ice cubes or crushed ice Maraschino cherry for garnishing “ optional

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