All things about Marilyn Monroe's Bedroom

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I read the great DD book and really enjoyed it. I create miniature dioramas in 12 scale and I am researching my next project titled Cursum Perficio which will depict MMs bedroom on the morning of August 5 1962. Could you kindly confirm the following questions for me?

1. Tell me, her bedroom was decorated in white including the bedding, drapes etc?

2. Do you know the approximate size of MMs room including her bathroom?

3. I have a copy of the picture of MMs room as photographed through the window and am trying to identify the items on the floor and against the walls so far I have identified a Mexican basket and a blouse... can you help with any of the others please?

4. Can you tell me the color of MMs front door?

5. I have read a book by Gary titled Cursum Perficio and want to know that her bathroom is in its original condition, or renovated later?

Best wishes

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  1. John


    Here are the answers of your questions

    1. Marilyn bedroom was mostly white. The drapes were not.

    Her blanket was a beige satin type. The dressers were not white, but just carpet and walls were white and off white.

    2. I do not have the exact dimensions of her bedroom and bathroom.

    3. Marilyn was not exactly tidy. It is hard to say what is leaning against the wall on the floor next to Marilyns bedroom door. Last time I visited there some shopping bags, hand bags, gift boxes, papers and clothing.

    Right on the floor just around the beautiful nightstand, there are beauty creams, wastebasket, letters and papers, possible scripts, books, water glass.

    4. The front door of her bedroom was painted white. Now it may be changed. Nobody knows.

    5. I am not sure if the bathroom in Marilyns bedroom remained the same as of date. You know, the pictures were just taken a few years ago show it to be the same, with the Mexican tiles Marilyn had installed.

    Hope this helped you a little.

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