Have any idea about Michael Jordan basketball card?

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I am a big fan of Michael Jordan. I want to know about the Michael Jordan basketball cards. Does anyone know about it? Please help me!

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  1. Judi

     In 1986-87, Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card is the holy grail of basketball cards. Even after his retirement Michael Jordan's basketball cards are stilling marketing for good wealth both organised and ungraded. The only basketball small discern that compares with the Jordan rookie small discern is the 1980-81, Topps Magic/Bird Rookie. The query is will the Jordan rookie carry on to retain its value. With more counterfeit cards are popping up and it is turning into very hazardous to pay for this small discern ungraded. Ungraded versions trade for $200-$600 so assure you recognise what you are purchasing. There have been more counterfeits being pawned off as the actual thing on sites like eBay.
    If you eventuate to pay for one that is ungraded and you afterwards find out it is a false appreciate that eBay won't get included and neither will PayPal. Michael Jordan Rookie cards will perpetually be worth many of wealth and your financial endeavour is possibly a secure one. He will perpetually be famous as one of if not the best competitor ever to wear a basketball unvarying and one of the clutch players to ever play for the Chicago Bulls. In a fresh eBay auction a GMA 10 Jordan Fleer rookie marketed for over $3000.
    These cards use to trade for $10,000 when the basketball small discern market was on fire. These Jordan rookie cards are in addition more constricted in goods produced than the standard distributed Fleer rookie card. They presently trade for about $2500 in Gem MT 10 condition. The irony of this small discerns is it was generated when Jordan still acted basketball and none could have envisaged he would afterwards depart and play baseball for the Chicago White Sox. A many collectible and a decent small end investment.

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