M&P cancelled on thursday 2008

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Hi Laurie, do you know why shows were called off on Thursdays for this year at LV hilton?? at the beginning of 2008 he was supposed to perform 2 0r 3 Thursdays every month and last week i found out (at M&P site) that he would do only weekends and some Wednesdays, does this have to do with his health??? I saw him last november (2nd row¡¡¡¡)and he really looked tired. Hope he's ok. Thanks for your information:

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  1. Mitchel

    Barry Manilow's show Music and Passion was cancelled on  thursday 2008. He had a scheduled performance  at LV hilton, but he could not perform there, and hopes of many fans to see him sing live were shattered. It is believed that Manilow was not feeling well and the show was called off.

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