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My daughter comes home with at least 1 nit in head every day. I met the teacher but she said it is not a big problem. She knows who got the lice in head and from whom my daughter gets it but she cannot tell me the name. Someone recommended me to use Lyeclear, but I dont want my child to go to school with smell. Need help is using it or any other solution!

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  1. John

    Facts to Consider
    Half a million children apprehend head lice every year
    lice are little bugs about 2-3mm long (adult)
    they proceed for clean or untidy hair
    lice are passed from head to head contact. they can’t leap or hop
    the feminine louse lays up to 8 oval formed for demonstration a day, the for demonstration are called the 'nit’, and these take 7 days to hatch
    Lye clear usage can be stinky.
    Avoid usage if your child is allergic to permethrin.
    Mature individuals and young children over the age of 6 months.
    Tinted or premed hair checks a little patch first.
    Usage Procedure
    Use shampoo which does not contain conditioner, avoid using a medicated shampoo. Rinse methodically and towel dry so that the hair remains damp.
    Shake container well, and pour sufficient Cycler to saturate the hair, roots and scalp. Work through the hair, but yield specific vigilance to areas behind the ears and the nape of the neck as this is where the lice and nits are most probable to be.
    Leave on for 10mins, and then rinse methodically with moderately hot water. While there is still moisture in hair, use the comb supplied to clear dead lice and eggs. Comb the hair from the origins down, all the way round the head. Then dry your hair and method in the usual way.
    After utilizing Lye clear there can be side effects only if your kid has allergies. The symptoms include skin discomfort after application, such as burning, stinging or tingling, itching, rashes, redness of skin. So, it is better not to use it in such situations
    If you find lice or eggs afterward, check all family constituents’ heads to avert any re-infection

  2. Guest872
    if you have use the lice shampoo without success, follow up with the pediatrician.
  3. Guest1015
    My mum use to swear by conditioner, we were always nit free.She would condition our hair comb it through & leave it on, seems the little blighters can't get a grip.
  4. Guest2390
    I do not know if it does have an odour i would assume so as flees do not like some smells, with my children I have taken to using hair spray or hair gel this has seemed to work as the flees cannot stick to the hair. I wish you luck It took ages for us to get totally Nit free if only every parent checked their hair regularly it would make a huge difference.

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