Loving Couple Looking To Adopt ASAP!

by Azna  |  7 years, 5 month(s) ago

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If you are looking to place your baby for adoption or child/children due to hardship, we are very interested in hearing from you. We are a very easy going, non-judgemental type couple (35 & 39). We currently reside in the Los Angeles area, but willing to travel if necessary anywhere in the US, that is not a problem at all.
(If there is a history of alcohol, smoking, and/or drugs, don't worry about it. The important thing is placing your child/children in a stable and loving home.)

Also, if you happen to be reading this ad and know of someone considering adoption, please ask them to write to us and we will contact them immediately. Even if they just need someone to talk to. We understand that this is a very difficult decision and commend their courage.

Thank you so much for your time and Merry Christmas Everyone!

P.S. Please help us complete our family this holiday season, it will be a true blessing and a true wish come true. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Guest28323917

    I contact you following your adoption application and I want has
    you tell that want to put my children this is the reason why I you
    contact for the adoption of my child.

  2. Guest28166356

    hi there we are a white coupel looking to give somoene  white new born babby a loving home dont have money to pay for adoption but me and my hubby have been trying to have ower own littel bunddel of joy for 8 years but no luck it make my hart so sore to see that me and my hubby would never have a child of our own and we have lots of love to give please wats app 0766641728 or email if you want loving parents for your babby

  3. Guest28164472

     hi am 5months pregnant and from Nigeria.  I not financially stable to look after my baby. I want a christian couple who will take my baby in whn I put to bed. Pls contact me through this email

  4. Guest28119155

    Hi to you, My name is Jessy Hosten. I live and work in Cameroon but i
    am from California. I am a medical doctor and have with me this little
    girl to give out for adoption. I need somebody out of the Country to
    take Bridney to be part of their Family and show her love. I will take nothing more than her transportation because i want you to take good care of her. Bridney was
    abandon in our hospital by a young girl we have not been able to fine
    her where about for till till date. I want to believe it is because
    she was not married and also had no money to pay for the hos[ital
    charges. I came across you profile and decided to contact you if you
    can be interested in adopting Bridney into your family. You can contact me in my

  5. Guest28103850

    hi my name is Maricris from Philippines and im pregnat and i want my baby to be adopted when i gave birth and if you are interested you can message me privately at 

  6. Guest27926765

    Hello my name is Rebcca and me and my husband are looking to adopt a baby. we have been married for just about 7 years. We have been wanting to start a family for quite a while now. we would provide a very loving and safe place for a baby. We hope to start a family very soon.

  7. lsly87

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  8. veronika

    hello I am from Texas and almost four months, i am due in may, and would like a loving couple to adopt my unborn child. If you know anyone or yourself please do not esitate to contact me.I am financially unstable to take care of another child and would like a close adoption.

  9. Guest24590195

    I am 24 years old call Alida looking for a lovely and caring family to adopt my son ,due to the death of my husband I am financially down ,I am in the university can provide to my child all the love and care he needs also to provide all his need . SO if your that family to my child do not exited to contact me . at for more information .

  10. Azna

    Yes! we are still interested in adopting :)

    Please email us at:

    Thank you

  11. Guest24261879

    are you still looking to adopt... i have 5 healthy children 3 good adoptions and 2 with me. boy/girl so  let me know.. please

  12. Guest23935327

    My name is Jennifer ... Please i am in search of good and christian family for my child .. Please let serious couple should email me back . i have had so many contacts but all cam and keeping insulting me thinking that i want to scam them , please i know what it's means , so i can't take any body money for fake .. Please by the Name of The Almighty God , Please Believe me and you will have what you looking for ... i can't wait to do so ... Thanks u so much and God Bless . Only Serious Couples should contact Me please .... ( )

  13. erikalupina998

    Hello , is there any adoptive parents still looking to adopt a baby ?? Please i am placing my ad in regard of my little boy who is only 9 months old now looking for a stable and a christian family who will help me and my son ... I am 22 year old and got pregnancy and was able to give this baby a better life and all what he deserve ... I am on my knees pleading any adoptive parents who can help out our situation .... You can e-mail me ( ) i am ready to hand over the custody of this baby to any adoptive Parents .... Please only serious parents should contact me please ...

    Thanks and waiting ...

    Erika .

  14. Guest23141445


    My name is Sylvia ,born and raised in France ,white skin, French from many generations.
    I am now 38 years old and 3 weeks pregnant with what will be a black-whiite child.Birth should be around november this year.

    I am healthy and wonder how I can be already 38.The time seems to have stopped for me when i was 27.
    I left my Home country when I was 23 and travel where I wanted to go and did all I wanted to do.
    Having a child on my own has never been an option for me.

    I have been living in Honduras on an Island for nearly 8 years now and have had the worst years, not being able to leave the country due to work and petit crime situation on the island,I kept loosing all every couple of years and would have a fall back as soon as i managed to get my situation sorted.

    I have just learned of my pregnancy because I have been very sick for a week.
    I have no doubt about not wanting a child that I cannot commit to.
    I have a dog and sometimes the commitment to her is making my life harder(cannot live the country that easily)but I am commited to her and my life depends on where she can go and what she can do.I cannot see myself commiting for a life long journey to a human being.
    I have considered abortion but a friend suggested I look up adoptions options.
    I am still not sure, I am stresses at the idea of not findng parents and having to keep the child.I will not just abandone it at birth.I could do the deed and so the least I can do if I bring a life to this world is make sure he will be loved and wanted and supported through its own life.

    As I mentioned I live in Honduras now and have been only surviving for the past 8 years.

    If there are parents out there waiting to be the happyness makers of another life,I will be more than happy to provide them with what I hope will be a healthy child.
    I would much prefer a black-white couple to diminish the possibility of confusion and sense of loss in the child.

    Please let me know if there are options for me as I am really stressed.
    I would rather avoid an abortion but I cannot afford pregnancy so I have little choice.
    If I have a familly halping me I promise I will make sure to give a the healthiest recipient to the futur baby.

    In short I am pretty healthy and aware of my environement.I am usually into some projects of one sort or another and do and have donne a lot volunteering in the past 15 years.
    I believe in happyness.

    Thank you for reading my letter,I am looking forward to giving more details and sending you pictures if you think you can help me


    peace on earth starts in your heart

    may the forces be with you...and harmony


  15. Guest22920361


    me and marcel run all tat togather at hotmail com

  16. Guest22818992

     I am 6 months pregnant, and I am giving my baby up for an open adoption. But I am from the Philippines. 

    If you are interested, please email me at

    Your response will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you. 



  17. Guest22818916


    My name is Ryan Wiffist and I am 13 years old. I saw your ad for adoption and I am currently in a adoptive home so I was looking for parents. My parens died when I was quite young which has brought on some medical issues. I have some bladder and bowel problems which requires me to wear diapers. But otherwise, I am extremely normal kid. I love sports. Baseball is my favorite. I just want a family who loves me.


  18. Guest22725261

    email me at

  19. Guest22403836

    I forgot to put my email address on my post mentioned above. 

    Here it is:


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