Lost combination for a Saga Safe D Posit

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we need the combination to a saga saf d posit safe. the combination was left in the safe and is now locked and we can't open it.

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  1. Guest28436200
    I lost the combination to my Saga Safe-D-Posit Safe Model 1190 and I have the key number 73422. Don't know serial number or where to find it. If you can help please email Thanks, Jim

  2. Guest28308600


    I have a Saga Saf-D-Posit Safe Model #1146. I have the combination but cannot find the key. The key # is 7. Can you help?





  3. Guest28125879

    My father passed away and always new how to get into the safe and we never seemed to have needed the combo and just the key.  Well today we are unable to get into this safe.  We thought we had to combo, which actually is 4 number instead of the standard 3.  Not sure if we are doing something incorrectly or the combonation is incorrect.  Any ideas of how to get into this safe. 

  4. Guest28035375

    lost combination and key to saga safe  the protecto safe-d-deposit ket tombler numbers areA211142 aqnd on side of safe HW09014830, I have emailed saga international but no responce. please email me at thank you


  5. Guest27917610

     Hi, i  need a set of keys for a saga saf-d-posit, Model 1100,#1352,Thanks, Victor.

  6. Guest27326669

    I have a saga international saf-t-deposit box that I have lost the combination for the serial number on the safe is 88404591 I do have the key 07 the safe is out of Compton California

    Can anyone help.

  7. Guest27224333

    I have a saga safe and I have the key and combination but i do not have the instructions on how many turns of the dial and which way to turn. Please help. I had it open a few month ago but it will not open now.

  8. Guest27011086

    I have a model 1190 saf-d-posit safe. I have the key but not the combination. Can anyone help?

  9. Guest23633754

    Lost our combination  to our saga  saf-d-posit. ken you  get it for us? Thanks Roger                     my e-mail is

  10. Guest22633562

    i have the key but lost combination

  11. Guest21832252

    Need combo for model 1100- 5872.   key # 3453   thanks.     KEY.EXPRESS@SBCGLOBAL.NET

  12. Guest20618566
    Model 1100 ID #17929 Key 1522 . How do I get the help?
  13. Guest19596536
    how do i get my qustion answerd
  14. Guest19596536
    I locked combination in safe Model#1146 Key#18 serial#864601778 can you help me please email me thank you very much
  15. Guest17694230
    i have a saga saf-d-posit model 1100 ser#11311 need combo for safe. wallet is locked inside with combo and id email is
  16. Guest16913950
    Do not have combination to Saga Saf-d-Posit, Model 910. Need to open urgently. Would very much appreciate your help. Thank you. Brgds, Lynne
  17. Guest16805559
  18. Guest16805559
    I can't open my saga saf-d-posit. I open it everyday but faied to open today. Model # is 1183. I have the combination. Please help!
  19. Guest16103852
    I dont have the combination number, but the key number is 20. Please help. Email is
  20. Guest15497874
    Lost combination, but have key. Saga model 1100 7353. Please help and email combination to Thank you
  21. Guest15081262
    I lost my combination on my saga safe the serial number is 380030646 please help me thank you my email adress is
  22. Guest12935715
    where do I find ser.# ?
  23. Guest11709203
    Lost our combination to our Saga Saf-d-posit. We have the key but need the combination to open the safe. We have the serial number and the key number. please E-Mail help to Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,, bob & Shirley Jones

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