Losing the world cup 2011 quarter final against India today will end Ricky Ponting's career as well?

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If Australia loses the world cup 2011 quarter final against India, will this be an end to Ricky Pontings cricket career or just his captaincy?

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  1. ZZ

     Loosing match not always means that your career is ended. If Pointing is leaving then because of the age factor.

    Australian cricket is based on performance. Wining or loosing a match had no effect on the career ending. If stats are to be made on such bases then Pointing should never leave as to be Captain because he is the most successful Captain in Australian cricket or entire cricketing world.
    Be realistic instead of emotional and live alive.

  2. Guest23121588

     Yes Pointing should get retire, he has over confidence about him self

  3. Harry

    Ricky Ponting has participated in 5 Cricket World Cups since 1996 and has won 2 World Cups as a captain. Losing to India in a quarter final and being in rather ordinary form if not poor, it seems very much inevitable that this might be the end of not only Ricky Ponting's captaincy but as well as his career.

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