Looking for movie from 1944.

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I have been looking for the movie, The Very Thought of You, starring Dennis Morgan and Eleanor Parker, made in 1944. My Mother is 83 and I have been looking for the movie for her. Could you please tell me where I could purchase this movie.

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    Hi there!

    The only way I have been able to even find a chance of getting this movie on video is thru eBay, and, then, it would be a black market copy just make sure that, if you do find the title, it is the one you want there was a film made about two years or so ago with the same name...

    You might try peppering the Turner Classic Movies website with e-mail and such right now, they are the godsend for packing available classic films that few other places would even bother putting on DVD or even VHS...

    The Very Thought of You is a 1944 romantic drama film starring Dennis Morgan and Eleanor Parker. In World War II, an American soldier on a short leave falls in love with and marries a woman. I think this is the movie you are looking for. Go to IMDB or… You will find the copy of this movie there.
    I hope this information is enough for you. Best of luck

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