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Hey there, I saw the end of a black and white movie, where several men, including Sebastian Cabot, were sitting around a table, at the end of the movie, harmonizing Sweet Genevieve, and a lady stepped into the room, with a car waiting outside, to say she was leaving the area, and I think she was leaving some important man, or perhaps their boss. Do you the name of this movie? Can someone tell me that? I am really looking forward for some serious help in this regard. Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Hey there, I am looking into your movie question, is there anything else you can remember about the movie? It would be helpful. Do you know if it was a mystery/comedy/drama? Also, are you sure it was a movie? Cabot did a lot of television specials as well as film. I was looking into "Third Time Lucky" or "Midnight Episode" but I want to make sure before giving you a final answer.
    Third Time Lucky is British crime drama film directed by Gordon Parry and starring Glynis Johns, Dermot Walsh, Charles Goldner, and Michael Hordern produced and released in 1948. Its plot goes like: A compulsive gambler falls in love with a woman, and believes she is bringing him luck. Unfortunately one of his gambling rivals has also caught her eye.
    And the Midnight Episode is a film released in 1899 its plot goes like: A sleeping apartment of a friend who retires for the night. The rays of the moon are shining upon the bed through the window. He is suddenly awakened by a bug of gigantic proportions crawling over him. This he attacks and destroys, but before again retiring he notices three more climbing up the wall. He lights the candle and applies the flame to each, causing them to explode with fine smoke effect. After this slaughter he retires in contentment and soon sleeps the sleep of the just.
    You can match your plot with theses two I hope you will get the answer.

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