Looking for a mortgage professional? Choose a Mortgage Planner

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FIND A MORTGAGE PLANNER!! Not just a broker or a mortgage rep from the bank.
WHY? Because in an industry with a huge range of expertise, the mortgage planner is the cream of the crop: they’ve got the top experience and they’ll design a mortgage to fit your
big financial picture. Back in the 1970s, mortgage brokers were primarily used for
last-resort financing. Over time, though, they took on more of a consulting role: finding the best rate, but also providing some education on how to become mortgage-free faster.
Today, mortgage planners are a breakaway group of top brokers who have the skill and expertise to offer advanced mortgage insight and advice – helping their clients manage
their debt for the creation of wealth. It’s worth your while to track down a mortgage planner rather than simply a broker.
Here’s why:
1. Mortgage planners believe that a mortgage is not just a single transaction done in isolation of your goals and overall financial situation, but that a mortgage can
accomplish so much more when properly structured and
integrated into your overall financial plan.
2. Mortgage planners do focus on competitive rates, but they also believe there are other critical factors in mortgage design: like features and options, market trends, and designing debt for long-term goals.
3. A Mortgage planner will design your mortgage plan so that it carries you through to your next goal: a home purchase, real estate investment, vacation property, or
debt paydown.
4. A mortgage planner can provide credit advice – to help you boost your credit rating to ensure access to future wealth-building opportunities and lower lending rates.
5. A mortgage planner can show you how to strategically use low-interest mortgage debt to safely, conservatively and consistently accumulate assets and build wealth – even explaining how to design a tax-deductible mortgage.
6. Mortgage planners understand that life doesn’t stand still, and your mortgage needs may change before your mortgage reaches its maturity date. They keep in touch with you during your mortgage years, offering ongoing information and education on using debt to meet your long-term goals and for wealth-building strategies.
7. A mortgage planner will explain why ‘debt’ is not a bad word, but how your mortgage can be a powerful financial tool, giving you more options to consider than the
traditional “pay-off-your-mortgage-as fast-as-you-can” approach: a strategy that is good for some homeowners, but not all.
8. Mortgage planners look at your mortgage as a financial keystone that can build your wealth, protect you from a financial downturn, and save you thousands of dollars.
Mortgage Architects is an elite national firm that recruits only the very top mortgage professionals. To join, the highest professional standards must be met, including
reputation and breadth and depth of experience. When it comes to mortgage planning, the planners at Mortgage Architects are leading the way.
Looking for a mortgage professional? Choose a mortgage planner.
For all your morgage needs.
Bushra Raja

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  2. Guest11876580
    All good loan officers or mortgage professionals can and should provide the same services that are mentioned above. So, there is no need to ALSO pay for a mortgage planner who only would add costs to your mortgage process. If your current mortgage broker does not discuss these things with you, then find a new one. Eric

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