Looking for a lovely home for my unborn babies

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Looking for a lovely home for my unborn babies

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  1. Livescore99

    hi.....Fetal Dopplers allow you to hear your baby's beating heart from as early as eight weeks of pregnancy, says These units are routinely used during visits to your doctor throughout pregnancy but many companies now offer Dopplers to rent for home use for a monthly fee.

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  2. Guest28088829

     i am 21years old Girl from New Delhi . i am unmarried and single and 33weeks pregnant ! my boyfriend met an accident and died . if anybody is interested in adopting the unborn baby then please contact me asap ! !

  3. Guest28081859

     Hello I would love to adopt please 2163260406 ty :)

  4. ccmalls41


    Share a website with you ,

    ( )

    Believe you will love it.

    We accept any form of payment.

  5. Guest28059624

     Hello im Starlette I would love to adopt both or even just one :) please contact me 216-346-4374 or ty

  6. Guest28010187

    we would love to adopt the twins together, would it be possible for you to come to Minnesota to make it happen?

  7. Guest27974829

    i emailed you plz e-mail me back or something plz

  8. Guest27891232

    Hello am called Vanessa from philippines. i am pregnant with twins and looking for a lovely family that could adopt my babies. i can let them both or single so please if interested email me directly to my email address below.

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