Load &speed rating versus ride.

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I am looking at 185/65R-14 winter tires for a Honda Fit. Most have a load-speed rating of 84Q. One set has a load-speed rating of 90T. Would you expect any noticeable degradation in ride quality or noise level with the higher load-speed rating?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    One of the best tyres that will fit your Honda will be of Dunlop Signature. It has many features and benefits such as it is designed and developed on the VersaLoad Technology, It also has a Special sidewall construction technology, it has Joint less Band technology, It another feature is its Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology. It also provides ride comfort and consistent handling and also provides wide range of load conditions. It also helps in enhancing uniformity.
    Ride quality is generally directionally worse with higher speed rating, but considering your Fit came with at least S rated tires, the difference between S and T is pretty small.

    And the difference between an 81 Load Index and a 90 Load Index? Well that's the difference between a Standard Load tire and an Extra Load tire (It might also be labled "Reinforced"). That is also directionally worse for ride, but again, that is pretty small. Inflation pressure has more effect, not to mention that the difference just between tire lines will have more effect.

    As you can tell, directionally all of this would be worse for ride, but be aware that it isn't a huge amount and the particular tire you chose will have more effect than Load Idex or speed rating. You can check the website given below regarding some of the best tyres that you can buy for this specific size.

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