Name of Black girl in Little Rascals.

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Friends at work say there was a little black girl in the Our Gang / Little Rascals comedies. I do not remember her. Can you tell me if there was a little black girl on the series or not. If so, what was the characters name and the actors name?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Little Rascals was developed in the year 1994. It is an American comedy film, it is produced by Amblin Entertainment. It was released on August 5, 1994 by Universal Pictures. The film is an adaptation of series of short film named “Our Gang” in the year 1920s, 1930s. This film is about the neighborhood children adventures.
    There were occasionally black girls in the Gang, but also a couple of the black boy characters started off as girls. When the series began (in 1922), the black boy had a little sister named Farina, but she was played by a boy named Allen Hoskins. Over the next couple of years, the character became a boy. Hoskins' little sister Jannie joined the Gang for a few years, playing a character named Mango. In the talkie era, when Stymie was the black boy, his little sister, Carlena Beard, played his little sister in the films a few times. Eventually, the character Buckwheat was created for a later little sister to Stymie named Willie Mae Taylor. Since Buckwheat was patterned after Farina, the character continued to be a female even after Billie Thomas took over the role. Within a couple of years, that character became male.

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