List of top ten famous hotel of Boracay, Philippines

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I am living in germany and I want to spend my vocations at Boracay Island. Can someone tell me about the famous hotel of Boracay, Philippines?

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    There are so many places to stay in Boracay! Are you looking for more 5 star luxury or more on a budget?

    Some of the famous high-end ones including Discovery Shores, Fridays, Shangri-La, Crown Regency, Mandala Spa and Villas.

    Other famous ones if you're more budget conscious include Dave's Straw Hat Inn, The Orchids Resort, Boracay Holiday Resort.

    Then for something different, there's ones like Balinghai Beach Resort which are really secluded but have these open air style houses built into the cliff face and are pretty amazing or Lingganay which is on the other side of the island but has the most incredible views.

    I've seen some of them listed here:  Hope you find the right one and have a great holiday!

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    Boracay is an island of Philippines. Boracay is well known in Philippines and World because of its beaches and hotels. Here is the list of top ten famous hotel of Boracay, Philippines: • Fridays Boracay • Sea Wind Resort • Lorenzo South • Frendz Resort Boracay • Discovery Shores Boracay • Paradise Garden Resort Hotel • Dave*s Straw Hat Inn • Willy’s Beach Resort • Trafalgar Cottages • White House Beach Resot

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