List of French post codes

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I have a question regarding the postal codes. I want to have a list of French postal codes with a little back ground of the postal codes.

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  1. Harry

     A postal code, known in various countries as a post code, postcode, or ZIP code, is a series of letters as well as digits appended to a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail. Once postal codes were introduced, other applications became possible. Although postal codes are usually assigned to geographical areas, special codes are sometimes assigned to individual addresses or to institutions that receive large volumes of mail, such as government agencies and large commercial companies. Postal codes were first introduced in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in December 1932, but the system was abandoned in 1939. The next country to introduce postal codes was Germany in 1941, followed by Argentina in 1958, the United Kingdom in 1959, the United States in 1963 and Switzerland in 1964. Postal codes were introduced in France in 1964 and were updated to use the current 5 digits system in 1972. France uses five-digit numeric postal codes, the first two digits representing the department in which the city is located. The department numbers were assigned alphabetically at the time of the French Revolution, but some later changes (such as renaming and splitting of departments) mean that the list is not completely in alphabetical order any more. The system is extended to French overseas departments and territories as well. The last three digits identify a more precise location, 000 being in general reserved for the préfecture. However, in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, the last two digits indicate the arrondissement. For example, 80000 corresponds to Amiens, which is the préfecture of the Somme or département 80, while 69008 corresponds to the 8th arrondissement of Lyon.

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