List of famous hotels in Shimla, India.

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Which are the famous hotels in Shimla, India. I am making an assignment on India hotels that’s why I need to know about it.

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  1. johnvictoramw

    In india there are a lot of different hotels,Shimla is one of the famous hill station so in shimla there are a lot of luxurious hotels and budget hotels also, Last week only i visited to Shimla and i book my hotel from Travelguru this is the best online hotel booking site which provides very nice discount.

  2. Guest23139607
    Famous hotels in Shimla are Spring fields The Oberoi Cecil Hotel Gables Toshali Royal View Resort Hotel Leela Regency Ashiana Regency The Chalets Naldehra East Bourne Resorts Hotel Taj Palace Hotel Combermere Wild Flower Hall in the Himalayas Clarke’s Hotel Woodville Palace Resorts Kufri Holiday Resort Gulmarg Hotel

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