List of Things to do you can have prior to a Colonoscopy

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I am going through the process of Colonoscopy; please tell me the list of things to do you can have prior to a Colonoscopy.

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    Colon cancerous infection is the second most widespread origin of death from cancerous infection in the United States, as asserted by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. However, correct precautions can avert it. No symptoms of this infection live, but early detection raises a person's possibilities of dwelling and battling the cancer. A colonoscopy method permits a camera into the large intestine (or large bowel) to ascertain for cancerous polyps. Doctors suggest the method for any individual elderly 50 or older. Light Meals Begin organising the body for a colonoscopy three to four days before the procedure. Cancer Information Center, LLC suggests chopping down on solid and hefty nourishment throughout this time frame. Light beef for example skinless pullet makes a apt serving of food, as does potatoes without skin. Other proposed pieces by the Cancer Information Center, LLC encompass dairy cheese, for demonstration and cooked with steam white fish. Soup works well as long as it is lightweight and clear. Keep nourishment straightforward so the body can effortlessly digest them before the colonoscopy. Liquids The day before the colonoscopy, you can consume a usual lightweight breakfast. However, after 12 noon, you should ingest only clear fluid fluids, as asserted by the University of Michigan Health System. UMHS Medical Procedures Unit proposes fluids for example water, apple crop juice extract, white grape juice extract, very dark coffee and tea. Other proposed fluids encompass pullet or beef broth, and lemon or lime Kool-Aid. Some sodas are agreeable, for example 7-Up and Sprite. Do not drink red, orange or purple fluids, as these colors may sway the colonoscopy results. UMHS Medical Procedures Unit furthermore suggests one to two quarts of fluid at noon before the exam. You can take another one to two quarts of fluid in the night and one hour before bed. Medication Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center presents some guidelines on taking medication before a colonoscopy procedure. Diabetics on insulin should confer their medical practitioner about expanding dosage to reimburse for need of nourishment before the colonoscopy procedure. Patients taking Plavix, Ticlid, Integrilin, Reopro or Aggrastat frequently should furthermore communicate their medical practitioner about halting the dosage up to seven days before the procedure. Those with artificial heart valves should inquire their medical practitioner about likely antibiotics before the procedure. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center furthermore proposes chopping any metal supplements or medication one week former to the colonoscopy.

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