List of 5 star hotels in Bangalore, India

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I will go to Bangalore, India in few days. I want to know 5 star hotels in Bangalore, India.

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    Bangalore is one of the most beautiful city in India. known as the Garden City. It is biggest IT hub In India.

    Top Hotels in Bangalore.

    The Leela Palace
    The Oberoi Hotel
    Taj West End
    Windsor Sheraton
    The Chancery Pavilion
    Hotel Ista offers you all the information and booking on five star hotels in Bangalore. You can choose to book a hotel room from the recommended list of hotels.

  2. Guest23139597
    Following is the list of 5 star hotels in Bangalore, India. Le Meridien, Bangalore The Oberoi, Bangalore Vivanta by Taj ITC Windsor, Bangalore Leela Palace Kaminski, Bangalore The Park, Bangalore The Taj West End, Bangalore

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