Linda Thompsons romance with ELVIS' piano player David Briggs

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I have heard that Linda Thompson actually started her romance with ELVIS piano player David Briggs before she left Graceland. Is that true? I wonder why most fans do not realize this. They go on about Priscillas affairs, but always seem to think that Linda was the loyal one. Perhaps it is because one relationship was a marriage, and the other did not have an official commitment to it? I think most fans would be surprised to find out that Linda was not as loyal as they think. Is there anyone who can answer my query in detail?

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  1. Angelina

     When Elvis discovered out that they were having an activity, he strolled out on stage one evening and literally unplugged David Brigg's keyboard, which is stupid because Elvis had antiquated other young women while he had antiquated Linda.
    I really believe you'll find more followers shocked that Elvis really had activities with other women either while he was wed to Priscilla or "dating" Linda Thompson.
    Some followers like to believe that Elvis was habitually trustworthy to the women he was with, which was not habitually the case. In considers to that, I don't accept as factual for one second that Elvis (and I understand I'm getting a little bit sidetracked here) EVER proposed to wed Ginger Alden, his woman companion at the time of his death. I've heard/read verified accounts that she was "on her way out the door" of Graceland right before Elvis was presumed to depart for "the trip that not ever was" on August 16, 1977 because he discovered out that she was running around on him.

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