Let Us Talk about New Type Cone Breaker Machine

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Let Us Talk about New Type Cone Breaker Machine

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     Cone breaker is widely used in metallurgical industry, building materials, road construction industry, chemical industry and silicate industry, hydraulic cone crusher is suitable for crushing medium hardness and medium above all kinds of ores and rocks, this machine has the crushing strength, high efficiency, high capacity, low cost, convenient adjustment, economic use, etc.

    Due to material selection and structure design is reasonable, so the service life of this cone breaker is long, and the broken product granularity and the reduced the cycle load, in medium and large size crusher, adopted the hydraulic chamber system, reduced downtime, and each of the specifications of the crusher cavity type, the user can according to different needs, choose different type cavity, in order to better meet the needs of users.

    The symons cone crusher sealing grease seal is adopted to avoid the disadvantage of the water supply and drainage system easily blocked and the limitation of mixing water and oil, spring insurance system is the overload protection device, can be foreign body, iron by crushing cavity without endangering crusher. This machine is divided into standard and short head type, in general, the standard feed particle size is big, discharging granularity coarser, short head type crushing cone steep, feed particle size is small, is advantageous to the production of fine grained materials, so the standard generally used in the coarse, broken, short head type used for medium and finely.


    The crushing chamber machine is overload or for some reason, the spring cone crusher insurance system implementation, cone crusher row ore. Foreign bodies from the discharge of cone crusher chamber, such as foreign body CARDS used in row ore mouth cavity system, make the row ore continues to increase, the foreign body eduction of cone breaker cavity.Under the action of cone crusher in the spring, row ore mouth automatic reset, and cone crusher machine back to normal work.

    In addition, they are professional cone crusher manufactures and gravity spiral chute suppliers, and stone jaw crusher for sale, etc,. If you have any other question or have an interest on our product ,you can write to us:

    stone crusher plant:

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