Leslie Nielsen Moments Top 10.

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Leslie Nielsen Moments Top 10. What are Leslie Nielsen top 10 moments? Can someone tell me the details?

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    Sad news folks. Leslie Nielsen is no longer with us. The dead-pan comedy actor shrugged off his mortal coil at 84 years old after complications concerning pneumonia. Sadly, there’s no punchline to this. Nielsen, of course, was the star of the brilliant ‘Airplane!’ and the ‘Police Squad’ TV show (unbelievably, only six episodes long!). He was also the man at the helm of the Naked Gun franchise (brilliantly awful in places) and spoof flicks like ‘Repossessed’. we look at some of the highlights from his career. It’s okay to laugh – it is almost certainly what he would have wanted. 1. Terrible Kung Fu from Project: Kill, 2. Mind boggling word play from Police Squad, 3. “Don’t Call Me Shirley”, 4. Police Squad Epilogues, 5. “Unless he’s a drooling vegetable…”, 6. “Nothing to see here…”, 7. “He’s got a signed Picasso!”, 8. Hydraulic Car, 9. Nielsen reviews morning television with his a**e, 10. Freaking out on the plane.

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