What is the legal gambling and drinking age in Las Vegas?

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Just a quick question that I am not finding at any of the sites I visited. We want to take our 19 yr old daughter to a convention with us in Las Vegas in October. What is the legal gambling and drinking age? We have been told she cannot even come into a show with us let alone walk thru the casinos because she is not 21 but the source of info was not sure. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Angelina

     The alcohol consuming age in all of the US is 21, encompassing Vegas. They are especially firm about ascertaining age in Vegas because they have an allotment to misplace if they are apprehended permitting somebody underage to drink. They make whole heartedly no exclusions at all.
    She would furthermore not be permitted to linger on the casino floor, she can overtake through the casinos to get to other components of the holiday resort, but not allowed to stop along the way and wouldn't be allowed to watch persons playing or play herself. She may get away with being on the casino floor because they don't mechanically business card every individual there, but they often ramble round and inquire for ID, particularly for those who emerge young. If apprehended, she'd be inquired to depart immediately.
    People are arranged to assist you with alcoholic beverage from 18 onwards. It is usually acknowledged that persons can drink from that age. There has not ever been the association between the age for alcohol consuming and the age of most in the UK that there is in the USA. While the age of most was 21 (it was altered about 40 years ago) the consuming age was 18. The TCI are a British Overseas Territory, which is why the lawful scheme pursues nearly that of the UK.

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