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I saw a movie in the 70s I think was Lee Marvin he played a hit man hired killer. He met a black man he nicknamed Shirley Temple and in the end Lee was supposed to kill him but would not. He then retired to be a farmer I think. I thought it was called The Farmer but maybe it was not Lee, any ideas? Can someone help me with this?

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    Hello Chuck,

    I am not totally certain about this one. It doesn't ring any bells as a Lee Marvin film, but there was a film in 1977 called The Farmer, which starred Gary Conway. Here is the plot outline...

    Kyle Martin (Gary Conway) returns as a Silver Star war hero, but realizes running a one man farm is not profitable, and the bank wants to foreclose. Then a gambler Johnny (Michael Dante) has a car accident near his farm and Kyle is able to save his life. In gratitude Johnny offers him $15,000, but it isn't enough to save the farm. Johnny angers a local mobster, Prassini (George Memmoli), who revenges himself by having Johnny's bodyguard killed and then has Johnny blinded with acid to make an example out of him. Johnny asks his girl Betty (Angel Thompkins) to ask Kyle to kill Prassini and his men one by one for $50,000, which is enough money to save his farm.

    If it is not that one, then I had another suggestion from an Internet colleague, as follows...

    Hard Contract (1969) is about ace assassin James Coburn, who is hired to do three contract killings before retiring. He begins to question his calling after talking to a former top hit man, Sterling Hayden, who has retired to a farm in Spain, and is now a confirmed pacifist. I don't know if this is the right film, since I don't remember any black victim at all, but it's an excellent movie, and Lee Remick makes it memorable as Coburn's love interest.
    I would think that the first of those is most likely to be the film you are seeking.

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