Layout of furniture in Family room. I am trying to arrange some furniture in my family room. The

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I am trying to arrange some furniture in my family room. The room is rectangular. On the north side, is a short side with a fireplace. On the west side is a long wall there are windows. On the east side is long wall (and entrance way into family room). The south side is the other short side: wall and entrance to the kitchen.

I have a sofa, a large entertainment unit, and end table, short bookshelf, and possibly a desk (if it fits).






  1. Geraint Jones

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  2. Irving Jorge

    You can also buy some cabinets and put all the non essential small stuffs in it and hang on the wall. That way you can get more space for your furniture and then you can increase you floor space productivity and arrangement.

  3. WilliamFoal

    You can arrange the sofas either on east or west side for a change. Put wall hanging, put a flower pot on a small table leave the center table empty.

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