Lauren Conrad’s Top Travel Style Tips

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Like many of us, Lauren Conrad has a love/hate relationship when it comes to air travel. On the plus side: Hoorah for going to exotic locations and having amazing adventures! On the downside: Going through the rigmarole of airport security and sitting for hours on end in an air born metal tube. After traveling so much, though, the former star of The Hills has jetsetting fashion choices down to a science—and lucky for us, she’s willing to share! Lauren recently dished on her top travel style tips to FabSugar. Check ‘em out!

1. Keep it simple.

Comfort is key, so try to avoid anything that might itch, scratch, tighten, and so on; also, try to keep your shoes of the easy-on, easy-off variety. Finally, notes Lauren, “I like to wear mostly black when I travel. Sometimes I throw in one complementary color, such as burgundy or beige.” There’s nothing quite as effortlessly easy and stylish as classic black!

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2. Minimize the jewelry.

Because nothing is more annoying than loading up on your favorite pieces of bling, only to have to strip all of them off when you get to security.

3. Layer up.

The temperature on planes can be unpredictable: Sometimes, it’ll be boiling hot; others, freezing cold. Having a bunch of layers on hand ensures that you’ll be prepared for any climate, whether it’s desert-like or resembles a tundra.

Pro tip: Says Lauren, “I usually like to keep my jacket and scarf packed in my carry-on to cut down on the time I spend getting ready to go through security. If I already have these layers off, then I don’t need to worry about taking them on and off during the security screening. Once I’m through security, I usually pile these items on to prepare for the arctic temps to come on the plane.

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