Larkin Factory No. 14, Buffalo, NY

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Looking for information about this company. I have a hutch I believe they manufactured and I'm looking for information about it

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  1. Guest28443663

     I have a Factory No 7 - Larkin Co.  Buffalo, NY   Washstand. Can you tell me when they were made.


  2. Guest23249273

     I have a Factory No 6 - Larkin Co.  Buffalo, NY  Writing desk/secretary desk. Can you tell me what they are worth? Also I am trying to refinish it, and need the hinges for the door and some screws for the top of it where a decorative piece of wood surrounds the top. The guy at Ace Hardware said the s***w were hand made and couldn't find anything like that anywhere around, also that I would have to contact the company to find replacement parts.  Please let me know, email at

    Thank you!

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