Large oil painting of a man smoking a pipe

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I just got a painting from my grandfather that I think he said he bought in Spain. It has the signature V. Gavira. When i try to look it up it tries to spell out Gaviria, but that is not what the signature says. Im not very smart with the computer, but if given an email address i can send over a picture of the painting if that is easier. Sorry for any annoyances along with my question, just curious about a painting. A brief description is of an older man with a gray mustache and beautiful blue eyes wearing a hat and he has a long pipe in his mouth and is wearing a red vest over a white shirt.
Thank you very much.

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  1. Guest28211547

    i also have found one of these painting and cant find muc on the interweb on the artist


  2. Guest27880573

    My favorite artist is Thota Tharani. I have just seen Oil painting on Canvas "Man Smoking a Pipe" of Thota Tharani at SaffronArt. This is a typical example with the smoker shown in a modest interior with a tankard and a glass of beer.

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