tips for grace & coordination in ballet dancing

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My daughter is 9yr. old and beginning ballet.  She is not very coordinated or graceful. However, she is very excited about beginning. Should she be able to learn these things in a ballet class? Are there any ballet dancers who started out uncoordinated but learned coordination & grace?
She starts class tomorrow evening.  I'm worried the other kids will laugh at her for being a little rough around the edges.
Any stories of people you know who went through a similar transition, I'd love to hear about.

Thanks so much for your time

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  1. Mitchel

    First work on your daughter's posture, make sure that she stand's erect and tall. As, bad posture is one of the basic cause of lacking physical grace.
    Make her practice standing tall, she should pull back her shoulders with abdomen pulled in. You need to make sure that she has strong muscles, as strength also leads to grace. You can make your daughter join some strength training routines that work on making your muscles stronger and more flexible.



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