La Senza outlets in India

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I am looking for the outlets of La Senza in India but cannot find out even a single outlet of La Senza. If someone knows about any outlet of La Senza in India please tell me.

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  1. India Guide

    La Senza Corporation is a Canadian fashion retailer grounded in Dorval, Quebec, Canada, which sells lingerie and sexual apparel. The La Senza brand is currently belongs by Limited Brands. Since itsformer stock unlatched within 1990, the corporate has grown towards incorporate many than 300 stocks within Canada. A further 487 stocks below the La Senza brand operate within 45 else countries global via licensing, franchise, and cooperation agreements. La Senza is entirely belongs to Limited Brands of Columbus, Ohio.Similar towards most manner brands, La Senza owns and operates else marks, including La Senza Girl clothing stocks for teenagers as well a clothes for junior children, La Senza Express stores for bras and panties, and La Senza Spirit for activewear. La Senza have five outlets in India in the cities of Mumbai and New Delhi. Here is the complete detail about the address and location of La Senza outlets in India:
    • Atria Mall
    Store NO. 38 Ground floor
    India 400018
    Phone: 91 22 2481 3564/ 91 22 2481 3565
    • Corinthian Bulding
    Linking rd. Khar
    India 4000050
    Phone: 91 22 6710 1065/ 91 22 6710 1066
    • Ambience Mall
    Village Nathupur
    New Delhi
    Phone: 91 11 124 402 9218/9
    • DLF Promenade
    Store No. 106, Nelson Mandela Road
    Vasant Kunj
    New Delhi
    Phone: 91 22 4104 2371
    • Select City Walk Mall
    Shop #G-18, A3 District Center
    New Delhi
    Phone: 91 11 405 34 506

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