LG dishwasher model LDF6810ST door spring broken - how to repair?

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LG dishwasher model LDF6810ST door spring broken - how to repair?

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  1. Guest22476894

    I just did the repair myself.  Save yourself $$$ and do it yourself.  Pull out the dishwasher and remove the side panels (4 screws on the back and 2 screws on the front).  Find the spring and the broken connector.  The connector attaches to the door hinge hook, goes under the pulley and attaches to the spring which should be connected to a hook that is above the door hinge hook.  The top hook runs parallel to the door hinge hook.

    I didn't even bother ordering another connector.  I went to Home Depot and bought 1/8" nylon string for about $4.00.  I used an Adjustable Grip Hitch knot to connect the string to the door hinge hook and used a Simple Bowline knot to connect to the spring.  Strong knots are necessary due to the high stress on the string as the dishwasher door is opened and closed.  Go to to learn how to tie these knots.  The total length of the "new" connector should be about 10 - 11 inches.  I used 10 inches - I like the ability to open the dishwasher door and have it stay up and open.

    Even though only the left side connector broke, I decided to replace the right as well since the dishwasher was pulled out.  

    If you want the actually LG connector, order from

    The part number is F013.

    Happy fixing!

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