LG Rumor2 keeps flashing Hello and won't turn on

by mtj319  |  10 years, 9 month(s) ago

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LG Rumor2 keeps flashing Hello and won't turn on

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  1. Guest25009406

    After owning the Rumour Touch for a year, last week my daughter added some mp3s and TT Pod player. Shortly after that it kept immediately freezing and rebooting non-stop. Removing the battery several times did not fix it. We thought we were going to have to buy a new phone. I found a forum and one reply mentioned the memory might have something to do with it. I told my daughter about that but she said she cannot even access anything because it immediately freezes and reboots. HOWEVER..... she noticed between reboots, there was a one second pause and realized if she worked fast she could hit the home button, access the menu and delete the memory....she did it and it is FIXED!! Luckily she had all her info and data backed up on her laptop so she didn't lose anything. She said she thinks it must have been the TT Pod player software that messed things up because she did NOT overload the 8 gig memory card with too many mp3s, just one album worth of songs. She was so relieved to have her great phone back in working order after days of non-use because she loves it. I hope this tip helps anyone else searching for a answer to this problem. Please spread this tip around the internet on Rumor Touch forums.   --ZOMBIE

  2. Guest23951238

    there is no solution to the problem :)

  3. Guest23327932

    Mine's doing the exact same thing right now and it"s getting on my nerves because I havnt done anything to it.

  4. Guest23248361



  5. Guest23140095

    nick thats s**t seriously didnt work yuh is bullshit ibet yuh dont know s**t about fones

  6. Guest22667280

     Are there any solutions to this problem??? My Rumor 2 is also having this "Hello" problem. My phone sdoesn't turn on at all unless plugged in. When it is plugged in then all it does is Blink "Hello"....  Is there a way to fix it???



  7. Guest22550815

    @nick. NO.!!! it didnt work :( THIS PHONE IS GETTING ON MY NERVES.!!!!!! ive had it for almost a year and its done that occasionaly but it ALWAYS turned baqq on, and now itss beinqq a dumb--- and ive tried the memory card thing. didnt work. ive taken my battery out for a full 12 hours STILL NOT WORKING. can i get reviews for VirginMobile Android.?

  8. Guest22475530

    Ya what do i do?my phone turns on says hello and stays on the screen for a few seconds and then the screen goes black and goes back to the hello screen and it wont turn on at all and its really making me mad cuz i havent even had it a week and haven't dropped it once

  9. Guest22182153

    what store should i take my virgin moble LG Rumor to to get it fixed? there dont seem to be any virgin moble stores around here cause it seems to be all online. i am in Loveland CO

  10. Guest21834884

    how do you reboot because i have this problem

  11. Guest20249809
    The rumour touch is great, but i got my and had it for two months, now it won't turn on anymore.....
  12. Guest20046016
    yeah im having this same problem... and i too have had many problems with virgin mobile but i stick with them just because of their plans (25$ beyond talk)ive tried everything on here... F-you virgin mobile.
  13. Guest19730311
    tht happened to me and i still need a new phone!...would anyone reccomend the rumor touch?
  14. Guest19730228
    I'm having this issue too! I restarted it with and without the SD card and it didn't help. :(
  15. Guest18464477
    LG Rumor2 is the worst phone you can get right now. Ive bought the phone from virgin Mobile (Which has given me WAT TOO MANY problems in the past), hoping that the Rumor would be different.since i bought the phone every problem that has been mentioned about the phone has happened 2 mine. Google Maps App Doesnt work, The phone cuts on and off during text,yu have to spend at least 40 bucks 2 have evrything you need to put music on it (which still didnt work by the way, and now as im minding my own buisness, not even using it freezes and won't come on?? SO you mean i Lost 4 months of pictures, VERY important numbers,and everything else i sucked up and liked about the phone is gone??? and by the way that memory card method didnt work for mine. I HAVE DEALT WITH VIRGIN MOBILE LONG ENOUGH NOW. IF you wanna waste your money on a phone where the charger will not work because of a shortage, choose VIRGIN MOBILE. Trust me. I've bought 10 phones from them in the last 4-5 years and its always the same thing. I WANT LLEAGL ACTION. I WORK HARD FOR MY MONEY AND I WANT IT ALL BACK.
  16. Guest16816614
    I didn't have a memory card in it: I just took it back to the store and had it replaced. Thank you.
  17. nick
    Do you have a memory card inserted in it? If so remove the memory card and try a reboot. Then re-insert the card. There have been many of these solved with this remedy. Let me know
  18. nick
    Do you have a memory card inserted in it? If so remove the memory card and try a reboot. Then re-insert the card. There have been many of these solved with this remedy. Let me know

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