Krups Orchastro Dialog FNF2 very loud vibration when trying to pump water RINSE cycle.

by Guest20791710  |  9 years ago

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Hi, My Krups Orchastro Dialog FNF2 worked this morning, and now when i turned it back on to give it a clean, i get a very loud vibration, when it tried to perform the rinse cycle.

Initially, i removed the tray to clean that, then upon reconnecting it would vibrate as if the pump was about to work but its not doing anything apart from the very loud vibration.

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. Guest20826837
    I opened it up and one of the plastic mounts on the motor had broken off. apparently its a weak point in the design. Never the less i'll have to find out how to fix it and/or replace the broken motor mount.

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