Klungkung Royal Palace in Bali Island Indonesia

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Who can tell me about Klungkung Royal Palace in Bali Island Indonesia? Please help me with complete information.

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    Bali is undoubtedly the paradise island on the land of Indonesia placed between Java and Lombok on the west and the east respectively. Sightseeing in Bali is certainly a visual treat and you cannot afford to miss out on the Klungkung Royal Palace once you visit the island. The Klungkung Royal Palace in Bali stands tall since 1710 and is a magnificent piece of art. Considered one of the major Tourist Attractions in Bali, the Klungkung Royal Palace is one of the finest historical edifices on the land of the isle. The Klungkung Royal Palace in Bali was built by the dynasty of the Dewa Agung in 1710. Bali's Klungkung Royal Palace is placed in the heart of Klungkung on the main road that leads from Denpasar to Padangbai. Set very close to the eastern side of the island, the Klungkung Royal Palace in Bali is considered an exotic piece of Balinese architecture. The Klungkung Royal Palace in Bali in Indonesia is amazingly reconstructed and preserved from the destruction created by the Dutch in the early 20th century. The exquisite Taman Gili complex is environed by stone walls with water lilies in the moat. The principal pavilion floats on a rectangular pool. It reflects the beauty of the paintings and the cosmos that are exhibited on the ceiling. In the garden you can see the spectacular designs of checkerboard carved of alternating rectangles of stone and grass. The Klungkung Royal Palace in Bali is certainly a reflection of the heritage of old Bali and its culture.

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