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Kloiya Bay is a great place for sea kayaking. It is a very sheltered area from most winds and allows for exploration of the interesting shoreline. The rocks in the middle of the bay are home to a family of seals and the shores are frequented by bears.
Launch your boat from the shore next to an old picnic site used by sawmill employees. Now the shore has great camping spots and a base for Skeena kayaking who do tours of the area and will rent sea kayaks for daytrips and evening excursions.
The bay leads into Morse Basin to the left or Denise Inlet to the right. The Inlet is about 5km long and is the most interesting trip for a short outing.The narrow inlet has many secluded bays and coves, and ends in a grassy tidal flat where 2 black bears often munch on the grass. Afternoon headwinds may make it more difficult for the return trip. Morning and evening trips are best.
For longer trips, head into Morse Basin towards Butze Rapids and Galloway rapids. There are more seal rocks near Miller Bay below an abandoned hospital, and docks that are no longer in use. Many good places to camp on the shores just above the high tide mark.
Drive 20km east from Prince Rupert and turn left into a hard to see gravel road, just before the 20km marker on highway 16.
There is a small sign for Skeena kayaking . If you miss the road, there is another gravel road just before Prudhomme Lake for a U-turn.
The steep gravel road leads to the shore and parking spots. Watch out for very high tides, and dont park too close to shore.

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