Kenwood VZ907 Code screen bypass?

by Alisa  |  10 years ago

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I purchased my car a few years back and it had come with a kenwood vz907 unit already installed. It has the monitor but no disp or auto button. I have a remote but not one with all the numbers. I have called previous owner and he doesnt know the code, this only happened when i brought my car to an auto shop to have the starter replaced and they unhooked the battery. I live in the middle of the woods in wisconsin im a blonde hairdresser and have no clue what to do!:) is there anything u can do to help or know where to get help? I called kenwood already and they were no help i have to send it to new jersey?

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  1. Guest22715225

    i add the same i got my code done by having the code taken out by having it decodeing


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