Kelly Ripa finding replacements for Regis Philbin

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I have heard Regis Philbin has left the show “live with Regis and Kelly”. Is it true and what is the latest on this? I have not really find time to follow this story up. I really liked the show and Regis Philbin so can someone tell me about it?

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  1. Jacob

    The search is still on for a worthy Regis Philbin replacement for "Live with Regis and Kelly," though no one can really "replace" the Reege. While rumors have distributed that he may launch a program that will contend with "Live," Kelly Ripa has been garnering abounding of support on her own.

    Kathie Lee Gifford, who was Philbin's co-host former to Ripa, notifies Page Six "I don't concern about Kelly. She will be great," considering the imminent changes.

    "Regis has been a conduit for all of these women who have worked with him, but Kelly has talent," she continues. "She decisively made more cash that I did on the show!"

    Gifford went on to owner the fourth hour of NBC's "Today Show" with Hoda Kotb in 2008 after departing "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" in 2000 to chase her vocalising career.

    It continues to be glimpsed who will share the stage with Ripa next Philbin's exodus, but some titles have currently been fallen encompassing Ripa's married man Mark Consuelos and one of our favorites, "Dancing With the Stars'" "Psycho" Mike Catherwood.

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