Kathleen Turner Broadway play performances.

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I am a big fan of Kathleen Turner but missed her Broadway play performances this time. I heard that she gave a high ending to the show on Sunday. I want to know all the details and reviews about this show. Can someone tell me that?

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    Kathleen Turner is in a new Broadway play "High," she is performing as a previously alcoholic nun, has been plugged afterwards just eight performances, reports Entertainment Weekly. In the play, Turner, 56, portrays Sister Jamison Connelly, a recovering alcoholic nun whoever works as a rehab drug counselor whoever tries to aid a g*y teenage prostitute.
    The drama shall plug on Sunday afterwards eight regular plays and 28 previews at the Booth Theatre. "High" earned merely $91,020 final week, which was seventeen per cent of its prospective gross. The illustrate also received several unenthusiastic reviews.
    The play is the first open-run illustrate to debut and plug this year, but there are already four illustrates on Broadway playing to theaters with fewer than 50 per cent of the seats filled.
    Robin Williams is currently performing in a show of "Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, which earned $477,410 final week, which was 47 per cent of its prospective income.
    Turner is best known for her roles in "Body Heat," "Peggy Sue Got Married" and "Romancing the Stone." In 2009, the actress emerged in a figure of episodes of David Duchovny's Showtime comedy "Californication."


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