Kate Middleton after her Royal wedding

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I watched the entire wedding of Kate Middleton on the TV, so I was thinking what kind of life she would be living after her wedding. Can someone tell me about it?

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  1. Jacob

    Just 4 days after the marriage observed round the world, Prince William and his new bride Kate Middleton returned to their dwelling in Anglesey, Wales, and the position of the prince’s Royal Air Force base. As reported in the British press on Tuesday, While Prince William has his work as a search and rescue pilot keeping him busy, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, will fill her time as a housewife.
    A Clarence House spokesman told the Windsor Knot, unwilling to reveal any more details “Kate will be spending time privately,”
    Kate is dubbed as “The Disappearing Duchess” by the Daily Mail newspaper, Kate will reportedly appear at official engagements only on the arm of her new husband and will put off choosing her own patronages and making solo appearances for some time. Until recently, Kate was working at her family’s party supplies website, Party Pieces, but she left in January to plan her wedding.
    Despite their yearn to hold close to dwelling the first couple of years of wedding ceremony, the couple’s world-wide attractiveness is an asset the regal family and the ruler will not ignore. According to the Sun bulletin, the duke and duchess are anticipated to capitalize on all the generosity next year and head out on a “world tour” or kinds to assist alleviate the queen's workload throughout her precious gem jubilee celebrations. 

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