Kate Middleton Engagement Dress Details

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Royal wedding is near now, but I see almost everyone is curious about the engagement dress Kate Middleton wore on her official engagement.I want to know that what is so special about this dress and why people are so much excited about it.... Please tell me all the details about Kate Middleton's Engagement Dress

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    Prince William and Kate Middleton became committed in October 2010 in Kenya, East Africa, during a ten days journey to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to commemorate William's passing his RAF helicopter seek and release course. Clarence House broadcast the commitment on 16 November 2010. The couple is to wed in Westminster Abbey on 29 April 2011, with the day announced a public vacation in the United Kingdom.
    Kate engagement Dress is a drawing of a very attractive, straightforward cover dress shown in an strong shadow of blue. It examines like a pleasant pattern. For the royal announcement Kate wore a modest silk jersey Issa dress the identical hue as her attractive new engagement ring, and we’ve been swooning over this getting number. The dress was said to have traded out internationally only 24 hours after the broadcast, back in November, and now stores are making the replica of Kate wedding dress. Due to the hug fame of the engagement dress, many online shopping websites has confirmed that it will be selling more of the replicas of Kate Middleton engagement dresses in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled on your chance to grab a piece of history on the royal engagement of the century.
    I am sharing few pictures of Kate Middleton Engagement dress

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