Justin Bieber's friend arrested for drug possession after house raided by cops over egg-throwing inc

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While trying to solve the case of the egg-tossing near Bieber's home in southern California, cops found illegal drugs.
Bieber, however, was able to crawl his way out of trouble. The Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department stated that the drugs, which we previously thought to be cocaine but could be ecstasy, belonged to a friend of Bieber's who is living at the home.
According to NY Daily News, Xavier "Lil Za" Smith, was led out of the mansion in handcuffs, and has been charged with felony drug possession. The bail has been set at $20,000.
The Sherriff's department stated that the substance, appearing to be cocaine, was in "plain view" while the home was being invaded. Bieber is said to have not been connected to the drugs that were found inside his home.
According to MTV, Za, Bieber's friend, has had trouble with authorities before while using a car belonging to Bieber. The alleged egg raid is still being investigated at this time but could lead to a felony if Bieber is found guilty.

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