Just got a used Hobart n-50 and it has several issues - how easy to fix?

by Melissa Sinclair  |  9 years, 11 month(s) ago

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The machine was listed as being in great condition and I paid nearly $900 with shipping (the newer ones have been going for that much or more recently). It came with two bowls, a whisk/whip attachment and a paddle.

First, I couldn't get the whisk beater off, brute force was the only way. The paddle slides on and off easily. I cleaned everything and I still can't get the whisk to fit on the shaft right - seems to fit too tight.

Second, the whole thing is unsteady. The rubber feet are higher up than the base where the bowl rests, so it rocks back and forth. Should that happen? (haven't tried it loaded up yet, this is when it's stationary and I touch it).

Next, on power 2, the motor hums/is noisy. It's not that way on the first or third speed.

I don't know when it was made, but it's a newer one with a black k**b on the lever and it was made in Ontario, Canada.

I'm thinking I'll ask for a partial refund or a return, but am I jumping the gun? I don't consider this 'great condition".

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