Academy Awards won by John Wayne.

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I like to know about John Wayne, has he won any Academy Awards. Did John Wayne ever win an Oscar, and if so, what movie. Can you tell me about this?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The real name of John Wayne is Marion Mitchell Morrison. He was born on May 26, 1907. John Wayne is his real name. He is an American actor, director and producer. He was a masculine figure and was a famous American icon. He is very much famous for his voice, talk and height. He is known for his conservative political views and he captured early support which started in the beginning of the 1950s. He started for anti-communist positions.
    John Wayne was the third most famous America’s favorite film stars, he was also the only one star who appeared on every poll since the year 1994. The American Film Institute also named Wayne among the 13th “Greatest Male Stars of All Time.”John Wayne received three Academy Award Nominations; first in 1949 for Best Actor in a Leading Role in "Sands Of Iwo Jima"; then in 1961 for Best Picture for "The Alamo " which he directed; and finally in 1970 for Best Actor in a Leading Role in "True Grit". His only win was for "True Grit". Barbra Streisand presented the Oscar to him in the ceremony. The Golden Globe Award ceremony was held in the honor of Cecil DeMille. He was one of the most famous celebrities of Hollywood. John Wayne also won this particular award in the year 1966. As a producer he won the award for the movie “The Apartment”.


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