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What is the actor John Dye ("Andrew" in Touched by An Angel) doing these days?




  1. Guest27972231

    John dye  passed away. January 14, 2011, 10:54 AM  heart attack. so sad.

  2. Guest27823527

     He's with the angels.

  3. Guest22725049

     He is being an true angel in heaven now.

  4. Guest22549130

    john dye i am your angel of death i love you really # 1 big fan i am only love susan.

    and  god loves you  a lot you make me smile for you always in my heart.

  5. Guest22549130

    daer john dye .

    my name  is  susan verre

    my dearset angel john dye  i had anthor a bout your biggest  brightest  light  in my wonderful

    dream  i hope be with me  in your heart under the sun set with me love your angel susan.

  6. Guest22514391

    John will be missed.  He is finally at peace.  He had difficulty with this world being much too kind of a soul for it.  He never understood the negative, mean nature of people and was heart-broken for the disrespect for humanity.  Into the Father's arms he lives now where he will not have to understand the mean nature of people, but he can experience first hand to loving arms of his Father and Creator.  I love you John, but you knew that.

  7. Guest22514031


    According to news reports, as well as his friend and former co-star Alexis Cruz, John Dye has passed away. He was found dead in his home on Monday, January 10, 2011 at the age of 47. Reports claim that his passing was the result of heart-related programs.

    God bless you, John! Rest in peace.

  8. Guest20671694
    Ms. Lourdes Rivera Sept 15. 2010 dearest John Dye: God Almighty bless you & your family richly & abundantly. My name is, Ms. Lourdes Rivera & I love,''Touch By an Angel''. I'm a born again christian & I'm also single with no children. Jesus Christ loves you & He's the only Way to Heaven. Are you a born again christian ? Have you ever accepted, Jesus Christ as your personal Lord & Savior? If not do it now, because we are living in the last days, Jesus is coming soon & God will one day judge the world. Only in Jesus Christ there is Salvation & Eternal Life. God Almighty bless you & your entire family & tell my great friends, Andrew, Monica & Tess that I said hello & don't forget tell my great friend, Gloria that I said hello also. With love: Ms. Lourdes Rivera
  9. Guest18292438
    What Movie was it?
  10. Guest14953434
    From what I heard he lives in San Francisco for a few years now.And possibly ding theaters.I guess he lives well with his residuals from TBAA.He did one movie that changed his image in a negative way for me.But....Most of his photos that used to be on the net have been taken down with a few exceptions.Too bad,since I am looking for some good quality ones of him alone.I'm on imdb as calidiva if you need me I will be there.
  11. Guest12172585
    He was such a great actor on Touched by an angel, whate is he doing now ?
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