Jobs in agriculture in India

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Hi, I want to take agriculture studies for my specialization, could you tell me Jobs in agriculture that are available in India, I want some information about agricultural jobs, thanks.

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  1. Yashmeens

    India is a agriculture rich country. There are too many agriculture jobs are growing. In India, There are many firms and companies are available who are offereing agriculture jobs. These include, Rapid Overseas, M.M Tractors, Shaheen Foods Ltd, Silver Stringz Group, ECL Agrotech Limited, VNR Seeds Private Limited, Albarakah Feed Mill,Danish Corporation, WGW Company, Go Green Nursery Pvt. Ltd, Skilled Management Corporation etc.



  2. kate

     Agriculture jobs in India can be found easily as these are one of the never ending jobs in the country. This is because; agriculture is an important part of our society. In order to survive, human beings required food and that comes from agriculture. In old time agriculture was just the farming and mere a necessity rather than a profession. But currently farming is not only a necessity but became a healthy profession. Even agriculture is one of the major parts of all nations’ economy as through this profession several food items are exported to other countries.
    The Government of India wants to keep the society self-sufficient in terms of food; growth and economy that is why country have a sustainable agriculture industry and jobs for competent candidates. In order to fulfill sustainable agriculture needs, different professional like agriculture scientists, farmers, agricultural engineers, animal husbandry scientist who can give quality food through research and keep a vigil on the food, grain, fruit production are required. One can also become Agricultural Research Scientist (ARS) however these agriculture jobs in India are given to the members who clear the ARS-NET, an entrance examination. After clearing this exam participant will become lecturer in agriculture department. Few other jobs in India in agriculture field are given below:
    • Agricultural Inspectors
    • Farm Manager
    • Horticultural Consultant
    • Dairy Manager
    • Agricultural Engineer

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