Jobs in advertising agencies in India

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Now days I am searching Jobs in advertising agencies in India, could you tell me what kind of jobs are available in advertising agencies of India, thanks.

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  1. kate

      India is ranked as one of the great country which has a fabulous source for creativity; its people are sought after by everyone in foreign countries and they earned a lot of respect in the International Advertising Community. The country is now present on the international map. The global influence on the Indian aptitude with respect to the advertising Industry is not only being observed but admired worldwide. The advertising in India is quite developed and the local talent boasts of high production values with amazing ideas and concepts, thus, making it a attractive hub for International Recruiters.
    There are several career options present in the advertising world of India. In a traditional Ad-agency, there are different job options, for instance, an advertising manager, who observes creative, in-house accounts, and Media services areas. Then there is an account executive, which administered the account services department of the advertising agencies, determines the requirements for advertising and maintains the accounts of customers. Another significant department in the advertising world is 'The creative services department' which is the relevant person for creating the subject matter and presentation of the advertisements. There is a creative director who analyzes the copy chief, art director, copywriters and associated staff.
    Along with these there are media department which is managed by a media director who developed planning groups that choose the communication medium, for instance, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, Internet, or outdoor signs in order to disseminate the ads.If you want to find any job related to advertising agencies in India then select those that best suits your talents as it will open the door of success for you. You can select a career like Photographer, Illustrator, Commercials Director, Public Relations, Direct Marketing, Designer, Sales Promotion, Set Designer, Make-up Artist, Commercials Producer, Model, voiceover, Sound Engineer, Typographer, Stylist, Brand/Product Manager, and Market Research Analyst.

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