Jobs for 12 year olds?

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Jobs for 12 year olds? is there anything a 12 year old girl do to earn good cash. i am willing to do anything like babysitting, cut grass, driver papers. Just need someone to hire me please.

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  7. lyls68


  8. bfhrbgjnfhd

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  9. Guest24864504

    Hi my name is Danielle and i need a job because when my freinbds got jobs thewy came to school with exspensive things and i got left out becauase they didn't think i was god enough i just want a weekend job to 1. help my family pay for things like gas and electric and to put food on our table and 2 i am in the house like 24/7 i just need something two do plz contact me at this e-mail address if you hacve a job for me and leave your name e-mail addresss and where abouts the job is plz i need it to be in loughborough and preffilaby in a shop thanks


    contact me at thanks

  10. Guest24775109

    Try to sell things you make such as friendship bracelets or stuffed animals. To get free supplies by doing surveys, go to:

    You could also get free patterns for stuffed animals by seraching tutorials on youtube. At the moment, I am trying to make myself a fuzzy panda bear so if you could join the site and help me and yourself earn points that'd be great!

  11. Guest24602996

    Find jobs at

  12. Guest24244628

    i am a twelve year old girl who needs to earn some money and get out of the house. i am willing to do any job put in front of me as long as i dont get to badly injured of course. i have a dog, two sister and two brothers, i try to support them as much as i can as my mother is single and finding it very hard to support all of us, my dad has recently moved away so i am trying to get the family back together. i would be very proud of myself if i get the opportunity to get a job and my mum would be aswell.

    clearly i hope you get my point and i will talk more if you contact me on 0451979710 or

    i live with my mum & my sister and brothers and dog, so i need to help support them all.

  13. Guest23964703

     Dear parents, 

         I am a twelve year old girl, who is looking for any job, such as cleaning a home, babysitting, taking care of a pet (hopefully one that doesn't bite!), or even taking car of plants while he or she is gone. Im sorry to say that i don't do the lawn only because i am a smaller sized person. Im trying to save up my money for my upcoming life. If you feel like Im the right young and educated girl for you, please contact me at Thank you, and i hope i will be the right person for you!

  14. Guest23941512

    i am looking for a job baby sitting maybe. If you live in arvada close to 84 circle i am your gal for any thing actully exept mowing i can clean and babysit for a cheap price $5 an hour. You can email me at or you can call me at 720-308-6188oh i am 12 and my name is kasey!!!!

  15. Guest23940147

     hay mii name is jasmine hall i want 2 work with kitten any thang.                                                  

  16. Guest23687637


    Im a 12 year old boy from New York and I really was wondering if I could get a job somewhere. I really need a largr allowence so i can handle my own expenses such, Xbox live, Dog food, Video games, and I also want a go kart. So If there is any job for me just tell me at

    Thank You,

    ------- -------

  17. Guest23676507

     Hello I am a twelve year old girl and I am a hardworking person I can clean,babysit,and be a paper girl. I have three siblings and I am the oldest the youngest is my brother who is 5 and I help my mom by taking good care of him, when he was just two,and three i would help out by cleaning his diapers ,putting him to sleep, and feeding him so I sort of have an experience of being a babysitter. I also help out around the house i wash the dishes, do laundry, and clean my siblings room when she doesn't clean it. I know how to ride a bike so nobody worry if they hire me for a papergirl and wonders if i can ride a two wheeler or not so i can deliver papers pretty well so if u decide to hire me you can reach me at my home phone because that is the phone we are likely to pick up : 1-(516)-520-1817, or my moms 1-(516)-754-8520 or you can reach me at my email adderess thank you and have a nice summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. alec

    hello im a 12 year old boy looking for a seummer job and im not asking much but im atleast asking for 2 to 3$ and thats all contact me at yahoo im thanks


  19. Guest23609638

    hi im12 and looking for a summer job im able to help in ozark and nixa im able to work in the hot sun or inside im good with pets and if you have pesks like squirls than i can help with that im not asking to be paid much just for 2 or 3$ thank you and you can contact me on yahoo or twiter on yahoo im on twiter im known as op4427 thankyou

  20. Guest23603253

    hi im 11 if anyone has any ideas for jobs i could do or things i could sell to make money that would be great i live in missouri my email is please email me some job i could do or something i could make and sell i really would like something simple i could make and sell thanks in advance :)

  21. Guest23319227

    i am 12 years to i always say mom can i have some money than she says no you always ask if she gave me money i wouldn't ask  i want a baby sitting  or dog walking or lawn moing






  22. Guest23282917

     i need a job bcuz i cant always ask my mom for money she is already stressed

  23. Guest23214783

    i am looking for a summer job like babby sitting, dog walking, stands(lemonade,etc)

  24. Mitchel

    If you are a 12 year old girl or boy, and looking for an interesting summer job, you can choose from the following list of popular summer jobs for 12 years:

    Lawn Mowing
    Lemonade Stand
    Dog Walker
    Pet Sitter

  25. Guest17770119
    i would love a job because i am saving up for a laptop so if any body needs a little help plz call me 361-676-0773 thank you and byebye
  26. Guest17769666
    i am also 12 years of age and im lookin for a job. i want a job because i need the money, i wanna have the choice of being independent and be able to buy my own stuff, not saying that my mom cant provide for me its just i feel more mature knowing i have my own money and stuff, but anyway i live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and you could email me at thnx alot!!!
  27. rihana828
    Babysit job will be good for a 12 year old children.
  28. Guest17708962
    Hello,I am 12years old.I love babbysitting Babies.I also like to do yard work like...Mowing,planting,ect.I also like to do craft projects.I live in Springfield Ohio.I am hoping to go to outdoor ed with my class and be able to pay for my friend and we both cost 75$ a piece.So I am hoping to make at least 150$ over spring brake so email me thanks, Alex
  29. Guest17663490
    I am also 12 and in real need for a job please help (: I would like a job really bad, thankyou! :) x
  30. Guest17593165
    i am 12 too and i am looking for a job i live in glasgow and my e-mail is
  31. Guest17532218
    im twelve too and i need a job. i live in orange county in california. my email is
  32. Guest17531713
    I am also 12 years old and I am able to babysit if that is what you need or if you need anything else done I might be able to do that too... my email address is I can give you more information through e-mail. thanks!!!
  33. Guest17490781
    do something cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  34. Guest17415721
    I would like a job i want/need money so can you find me a job my e-mail address is
  35. Guest17316428
    Yes im 12 years old. I was wondering if i could have a job. My email adrress is Please contact me if i could have the job or a job. contact me as fast as possible! Soo can you please?
  36. Guest17287151
    hi am 13 and i need a job i like to have job like a baby sitter i am 13 and i need a job i like to have job
  37. Guest17264963
    im 12 and i need a job babysitting kids under eight years old. ill even dog walk if your dog is not big an mean. i would like 5 or ten dollers every hour please. or what ever you can pay me i live in erie pa around joanna connell and i would like a job with you but ull need to talk with my mom before i star working with you. email me at or call me at 814-520-4168
  38. Guest17201521
    Ok, all u kids like me ( im 12). The most Easy and simple job for 12 year olds + to get is the paper route. ( news paper delivery ). the requierments is usualy only being able to do the route every day of the week and being 12+
  39. Guest17175870
    im 13 amd im looking for a job in snellville GA any thing thats 30 dollars an up a week is fine
  40. Guest17160997
    Kaite again, btw i'm 12 1/2!
  41. Guest17160997
    Hey(: My names kaite If you live in bridgewater nj or around manahawkin nj and need someone to take care of your pet, or need anything helped (landscape wise). email me.
  42. Guest17098445
    im 12 years old and live in shenandoah,pennsylvania. i want a job that my parents will let me do. if you live in SHENANDOAH, PENNSYLVANIA give me a call at 570-933-5552 on monday-friday from 4:00-10:00p.m saturday from 10:00 am- 9:00pm OR email me at thanks ~katie
  43. Guest17050841
    im 12 year old and i live in wigam im washing people cars for £1.00 if you are interested please write back
  44. Guest16992320
    I am twelve. I live in Portland,Oregon. I can babysit. Email:
  45. collin
    i am looking for some one to need a baby i am 12 years old going on 13 if any one needs a baby sitter please give me a call at 902-453-4824 and it well be wensday - friday from 3:30 - 7:00 a clock for 50 $ or 27 $
  46. Guest16902503
    hey im 11 and im starting a pet care buisness if u r interested u can contact me on 9767140 plz only ppl from silverstream NZ i will feed water care walk and look after ur pets very well if u want i can also do little things lik bring in the mail or water plants
  47. Guest16610823
    U could always look into your family strings and see if they could get u into their jobs. Like if u had an older sister that worked at lets say Burger King, she could ask her boss 2 see if u could like wash dishes or something easy... (It's worth a try!)
  48. Guest16513642
    IM 11 and i really need a job. Im still in school so go around that scedual, and im looking for 10 dollars an hour, for a petsitting job. I live in Columbus Indiana, contact me at for job offerings. Thanks bye.
  49. Guest16323040
    im am 11 years old and i really need the money and something to do.If you have any ideas email me at
  50. Guest16263376
    u no i reli dont no but im 12 yrs. old 2 and u can babysit or maybe start making and/or selling things. but u have 2 mostly find something that ur interested into before u try 2 do something that u dont want to do! ur welcome
  51. Guest16173677
    Im almost 13 and i babysit. i live in lewisville so if anyone needs a babysitter call 214-226-9359
  52. Guest15884958
    Hello. Im Katie. Im Am 12 Years Old I Am Looking For A Babysitting Job. I Wish To Make At Least 15 Dollars An Hour... Or Less But At The End Of The Week Probaly Make In All $30.... I Am Lookiing For The Job In Great Mills Or Further If They Could Pick Me Up And Drop Me Off Because My Mom Is WOrking A Job In The Morning From 5 am To 5 pm Then She Has To Go To Her Other Job In Washington And Also Her Boyfriend Has A Job At Sheetz So He Really Isn't Here Often So If Your Looking For A Good Babysitter HERE I AM
  53. Guest15785183
    hi im looking 4 a good job that makes a least 7$ in hour and im up to do lots of differnt jobs. But im still in school so any time out of school i would work summer break, winter break ,spring break and weekends so if u are looking for a good worker like my email me at ( and 1 more thing i live in louisvill kentucy
  54. Guest15704136
    im 12 and i desparetly need a job i want to but things on my own and I want to give myself a headstart on saving for a car
  55. Guest15559200
    Hi im 12 years old and despretly need a job.Im going for babysitting or cleaning a house on saturday and in summer ill take fridays.I live in San Antonio TX pls tell me if their a job i babysiting or petwatching or cleaning a house.....plz i relly relly need a job.
  56. Guest15547432
    I Mrs.hope , I give out loans to serious minded individuals. I give out my loan at 3% rate, minimum of $5,000.00 and a maximum of $120,000,000.00 and £5,000.00 to £120,000,000.00GB Pounds.. Contact now with this info below: FULL NAMES:. COUNTRY: STATE: ADDRESS: s*x: AGE: MONTHLY INCOME: AMOUNT NEEDED TO LOAN:. PURPOSE OF LOAN:. DURATION OF LOAN:. TELEPHONE NUMBER:. Contact Email. ppem pmSC1207 500
  57. Guest15547124
    im 12 years old live in west palm and me and my friends are looking for a job.we love kids so we can babysit and we will wash cars,dog care,yard work,and possibly tutoring younger kids. we are in the 4,5,6 grade so if you need help with any of those things then email me at please we really need money so we can stop asking our parents.
  58. Guest15407375
    I am 12 years old and I need a job to make quick money my parents won't even give me an allowance and I need money.
  59. Guest15276261
    i'm 12 almost 13 and realy need money so when i can drive i can get a car because my mom said if i want a car i have to buy it all i have right now is 124.00 and its in the bank i will do the following 1.mow lawn care 3.paint 4.plant flowers and etc. 5.water yard 6.clean if u need any of those things done email me at but i need any where from 25.00 -75.00 a week and i live in grand praiei texas 75052 sorry if i made any spelling mistakes my phone number is 972-352-2609 ask for dakota i get out of school at 3:55 and home around 4:20-4:30
  60. Guest15153192
    i do the iorning (im 12) and i cost QR1 (thats the money were i come from) for every T-shirt
  61. Guest15146750
    i am a 12 year old kid that is turning 13 in 5 months please i need about aroud $11.00-$15.00
  62. Guest15118849
    im saving up for a laptop cause i just bought Sims three and the laptop i have doesn't have all the requirements ,so if theres any jobs that i can do please tell me Lilly
  63. Guest14969842
    i need a job and im 11 but i am allways busy with sports school my gf waching my cuz and bros,etc. plz like tell me some jobs
  64. Guest14807213
    Yes there are jobs that 12 year olds can do. I have a job myself and I get paid very well. She can get a job pet sitting, babysitting or even tutoring if her grades are good. Well thoe are some ideas for her. Jluv
  65. Guest14760226
    well i am 12 year old,and looking for ways to make money because i really want a phone,so far, i have discovered: *mowing lawns *selling sweets and treats *baby sitting *making cards *dog walking,brushing fur,taking to dog park,bathing *selling unused stuff *raking/shoveling snow *lemonade stand *gardening/weed pulling *car wash *yard cleaning *selling posecards *wall painting *allouence from parents *tuduring *making and selling jewlery *watering plants *selling different drinks such as:juice packs,sodas,water,lemonade,power-rade ect.....on hot days *helping the elderly *window washing *house cleaning *mother's helper *painting
  66. Guest14760226
    well i am looking for ways to make money because i really want a phone,so far, i have discovered: *mowing lawns *selling sweets and treats *baby sitting *making cards *dog walking,brushing fur,taking to dog park,bathing *selling unused stuff *raking/shoveling snow *lemonade stand *gardening/weed pulling *car wash *yard cleaning *selling posecards *wall painting *allouence from parents *tuduring *making and selling jewlery *watering plants *selling different drinks such as:juice packs,sodas,water,lemonade,power-rade ect.....on hot days *helping the elderly *window washing *house cleaning *mother's helper *painting
  67. Guest14695397
    only if you are a loser
  68. Guest14647101
    ok here are mine you should consider 1. sell shirts 2. babysitting 3. chores 4. car wash 5. bake sale 6. dog walking 7. pet sitting 8. lawn care 9. water lawns 10. mowing lawns 11. washing windows 12. pet care
  69. Guest14626052
    Im 12 and really need a job. You see im getting a horse im maddlie in love with so i need a lot of money like say $11.500 would be nice any suggestions.
  70. Guest14364961
    hi your not really allowed a job until the age of 13-14 so if shes 12 i think theres less chance of her getting one..
  71. Guest14212754
    Yea all she or you have too do is have like a lemonade stand sell babysittinq job like babysittinq kids around your neighbor hood. Or you can mowe lawns and or Tutor kids around your neighborhood or help them wit thinqs they dont know how to do. That's all i have and im 12 years old and i earn money by volunteerinq at a daycare center afta school maybe she could to.
  72. Guest13725778
    Lemonade? Babysitting? Mowing Lawns? Just ask all your moms and dads friends if you could do jobs for them. Cleaning there house? Watching there animals while there gone on vacation? Simple
  73. Guest13682198
    me need a job i don't have a lot of money
  74. Guest13643854
    I'm 12 years old and i desperatly need a job...i dont like asking people for why not make it on my own? I ,very well,like doing the following:babysitting,pet sitting(except visious pets),washing cars,gardening,mowing lawns,or any thing else u think i could do and be interested in give me an EMAIL at So please if anyone out there needs a 12 year old childs help email me thanks and have a wonderfurl day...and today's thanksgiving so...~~HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!~~
  75. Guest13496036
  76. Guest13444736
    yo u could dog sit, thats what i do and u don't have to buy anything to do it so you only make money,u dont spend money hope that helps,good luck!
  77. Guest13364749
    I'm 12 and I needz a job so I can buy an xbox 360!!!
  78. Guest12310007
    hahahaha, funny why dont she babysit.or even do chores around the house if her parents would like to pay
  79. Guest12086102
    dog sitting, dog walking, baby sitter, car washer, lemonade store.
  80. Guest12085412
    i sell shirts, all you do is buy so white shirts and spray paint, and some frames with like letters on them then you print out flyers, i sent a message 2 all the people on my myspace and phone, i said im makeing customized t shirts and if any 1 wants one then i will make 1 for you for 10$ and i got like 20 replys, and then ask them want they want on the t shirt.
  81. Guest12019215
    buy thing peeps would buy at a cash and carry then sell them in the school yard for instance in my school you get caught wid gum ur screwed so i sneak some into school and people pay extra.
  82. Guest12003681
    Iwan to havwe a job so i can buy things 4 my own im 12 so i wann a flyers jobs!!!
  83. Guest11847017
    how can i get a jod at 12 years old and i need the money to get my own stuff?
  84. Guest11802631
    can i find a job at 12 years old
  85. Guest11751838
    me too i cant find a job and i need to im 12 and bord with nothing to do i love animals and love working in shops or with babys many thx amber x
  86. Guest11519778
    mowing lawns i clean out my grandpas truck and my grandmas van the give me 15 to 20 bucks each it is awesome!
  87. Guest11429908
    mabye u could try making clohs and necklacees and stuff idk but ope u find sumthing im still looking lol good luck
  88. Zak
    most likely need to organise something private, such as going around the neighbour, cutting there grass- doing chores, asking if theyd like shopping to be brought to them- washing cars. etc etc have fun.
  89. Guest11368465
    I'm 12 and I need a job really badly and i have been looking on the internet for so long but none of them are elegible for me. And i know that a lot of people are asking for one right now on this question, but I honestly need a part or full time job on fridays or whenever. I h8 (hate) asking my dad for money all the time becuase he thinks i use it for useless stuff. So please if anyone has a job that i could do, that would help me a lot. My email is: And i live in Wisconsin. Thanks! :)
  90. Guest11259817
    Get a whole bunch of srap you dont need anymore like games clothing that doesnt fit you and toys and have a garage sale! Put flyers around the town you live in and that will do it! Make sure they dont bargain you too much cause thats just c**p! oh and sell some books and stuffed animals. and if your clever anough you could sell school supplies... yeahhhh
  91. Guest11101262
    If she's interested in sport, try umpiring or coaching junior leagues. I've got a cousin who started umpiring basketball when he was 11.
  92. Guest11101125
    help i need a job and my parent dont think iam mature enuff for anything help me
  93. Guest11088546
    I have the Smart Girl's guide to money and it works really well. It's awesome. However it's by American Girl. Boys you can still get it though it's great for everyone! Hope this helps! (It's kinda expensive, like 12 or 13 bucks, sorry! Or check online if you can. Or go to wikipedia they have to some answers their!) Hope this helps!
  94. Guest11047205
    i got 4 ideas... 1) Sell glowsticks around halloween, 4th of july, or new years. 2) make skateboards and sell them 3) make a deall with your parents that every 100% on a test you get, you earn a dollar 4) instead of a paper round, design your own newspaper, and sell every morning on your street (by mailboxes) Bonus Ideas! 5) make a signiture dance move and make a person pay to teach it to you. 6) make up your own band and perform at parks
  95. Guest11000213
    omg im so desprate for a job! and its so hard! now i no how my parents feel when they have to find a different job or a side job which is what im looking for so if your out there and you need a babysitter,or a gardener, or a someone to clean your house or watch your pet, or wash your car, please please please tell me.....BTW= i live in latham
  96. Guest10963408
    hey everyone i'm 12 and i need a job HELP i need a job of paper jobs around andergrove taven *&%^ i need 1 now.
  97. Guest10864303
    well, mow lawns. i do it! i get paid up to $100 per half an acre, its an AMAZING oppourtounity! just make and print off flyers about it, and SOMEONE will eventually get it and think, "oh i need someone to mow my lawn!" hope it helped! =D
  98. Guest10791016
    babysitting or pet sitting
  99. Guest10717362
    i need a job i m 12 years old help me
  100. Guest10434986
    I think baby-sitting is your best option as many parents find the younger generation to be better at baby-sitting as they know alot more about kids then adults do. I'm 12 years old, I am just researching, looking for an answer and baby-sitting seems to be a popular/good idea. I am going to request a space on my local agents window so my purpose can be advertised. My advice, try your best to search the internet, or ask friends, you never know, some of them may already have jobs available to yourself. Paper rounds are good, same with mowing lawns. I hope my advice is helpful on your quest to find a decent job :)
  101. Guest9944537
    dog walking, dog grooming do what you want even painting nails or giving lessons whatever you want or just try checking out this book i actually bought this book and i love it A Smart Girl's Guide to Money it has 101 ideas to make money, save, spend, and making balances ect its great i love it and use it a lot enjoy it's by American Girl :D sorry boys
  102. Guest9944463
    Well I am 12 and I need a job! I might help the neighbors xD Haha lol. I made $16 at a lemonade stand lol Dx
  103. Guest9562677
    i baby sit and i am 12 but most people dont like the idear fo 12 yrs baby sitting cuz we dont have a blue card (your suposted to have a blue card to look aftere kids) so if u r realy despret 4 a job just do some good stuff around your hose and ask your parents to get the stuff that u want or to give you some money to put in your bank and save UP
  104. Guest8223697
  105. Guest8071083
    I am also twelve you can work at the age of 12 you might want to try looking at babysitting jobs and if you cant find anyone to hire you once i made 30 dollars at a lemonade stand and i was only their for like 2 hours its really easy. You could walk dogs and their is many other things to do to. One more thing is you could pull weeds to it may require alot of work but its worth it. Have fun in barcelona.
  106. Guest7936592
    im looking for a job and im 12 i need to help pay for a trip to bercelona lol whos got any ideas
  107. Guest4252162
    YOU CAN'T WORK AT 12 YOU t**t!
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