How the trails from a jet plane are formed?

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I was interested in knowing about the trails of jet plane, is there any proper speed at which the jet planes can make trails, can you tell me about this?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Jet Propulsion is a motion of a body which is produced by the passing the jet fluid in the opposite direction of the motion. A simple example can be seen and observed as of aeroplane where the air is forcefully passed through the jets to the opposite side to propel the plane further. There are some animals as well which also use the principle of propulsion for their movement. Example of such animals are cephalopods, sea hares, arthropods and fish, they have fitted with the jet engine for further propulsion.
    Jet propulsion is very useful when an item is passed through a low viscosity medium. Trails are formed by radiative forcing and due to the effect of earth radiation balance. The research has shown Earth emits vapors through on going radiation is much greater and faster as compared to the incoming reflect solar radiations. As a result the overall effect of Trails are positive which means that they generate a warm energy or radiation. But there is change in the effect daily and annually and the difference in the rapid magnitude is not known. Studies have also shown that the night flights are responsible for most of the warming effect, while they also cause in the flow of 25% of the traffic.

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