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If you are a lover of social apps, one of the newest and most popular apps that is getting everyone talking is the Jelly app for Android and iPhone. The Jelly app has been created by Biz Stone – who you may know very well as the co-founder of Twitter.

Jelly has just been launched and it’s now available to download on Android and iPhone for free – head to the respective links, Android here and iPhone here to get started.

We all know what Twitter has become, so what is different about Jelly and what makes it worthwhile for you to download? In basic terms, Jelly is an app that allows you to post images with questions on to your social space but with a much deeper emphasis on the description that goes along with your picture.

These questions are designed to engage the minds of friends who are already on your list of social networks. The creators of Jelly have said that the app is designed in a way so that it is ‘people helping each other’ – although the main context of the app may seem slightly confusing at first.


At the moment, we can see that Jelly has a 3.4 rating on the Google Plus store. Some users are already questioning the true purpose of the app, especially since it essentially adds a layer on top of Facebook posting, which only other Jelly users can see.

Having said that, it is very early days and we could see Jelly grow into something wonderful. Give it a try now and let us know what you think of the Jelly app for Android and iPhone – are you a lover or not?

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