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I am from Gas City, Indiana and I know James Dean was from Fairmont which is like 5 minutes away from me. So I figured it would be cool to do a research paper on him. The only problem is my research paper has to be either argumentative or persuasive and I have no idea how to make a paper on James Dean be exactly one of those. Can you please help me think of a topic about him or something for my paper?

Thank You

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  1. John

    How are you? Well, that sounds like a great idea-- there are several things running through my mind: you could do a paper relating to something like

    1. James Dean was made immortal because of his death & wouldn't have been a legend [but I DOUBT IT! :) ] if he had lived- ie the ridicule (unwarranted, I say) of Marlon Brando & Elizabeth Taylor have to endure from jerks....

    2. You could do a persuasive argument RE the Rebel Curse so many of the actors died early or tragic deaths (J Dean, Sal Mineo, Natalie Wood, Nicolaus Ray)

    3. Persusation the memorial of James Dean is as ardent 50 years after his death (Sept 30, 1955) as when his death was announced

    my understanding is that you don't have to believe it, just give a good argument and persuasion.

    Some sources

    David Loehr, the curator of the JD Museum

    I hope this helps! May I ask for a copy of your paper? I am really interested! call me if you need anything: I have a library of resources. :)

    Good luck!

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